` tOp 5 mObile netwOrk operatOrs `

1 China Mobile (500 million)
China mobile is world's largest mobile phone company established in 2000. It cover all 31 provinces, autonomous regions, directly-administered municipalities in Mainland China and includes Hong Kong, it has estimated 500 million customers generate 11.442 billion (2008) a year. Its total assets are approximately 129.214 billion dollars- 221,328 employees take care of the work flow of the company all across china.

2 Vodafone (303 million)
Vodafone's headquarter is in Newbury, England. It is largest cellular network in Europe and 2nd largest in the world (1st china) with estimated subscribers of 303 million. The net income in year 2008 was 12.867 billion dollars while company worth 123.499 billion. It provides services in 40 countries.

3 Telefonica (262 million)
Telefonica was founded in 1924 and then later jumped into cellular market in 1997. The Company targeted South America and successfully captured most of the market. Earn a 7.592 billion in year 2008. European Commission fined a 152 million for misconduct. The company is also accused for bribery and underhanded legal agreements in South America. Beside all scandals, the company spent nearly $23 million on sponsorship. Provide services in 21 countries.

4 America Movil (191 million)
Surprisingly a world's 4rth largest cellular company belongs to Mexican. Since it's foundation in 2000 the company never looks back. America Movil generated $28.5 billion revenue in year 2007. It provides services in 18 countries with 262 million subscribers. Company won many awards beside it was ranked as number 1 Information Technology company in 2005

5 Telenor (160 million)
It provides services in 12 countries in Asia and Europe. Telenor is one of the oldest Telecom Company, was founded in 1855 in Oslo, Norway. In 1986 mobile telephone system was introduced in Norway. Telenor generated $111.0 billion dollars in year 2008. Company has gained a strong position in the fast-growing broadband markets in Sweden and Denmark. Telenor is accused of child labor in Bangladesh.


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